Project | 01

Project 01 | AUDIT Study RCT

Why? Evidence shows auditors can reduce corruption and waste in federal grant programs. However, little is know about the causal mechanisms.

What? Field experiment measuring the impact of federal and state audits on municipal infrastructure spending, and local accountability in Mexico.

Project | 02

Project 02 | External Validity of RCTs

Why? RCTs are often done on convenience samples unrepresentative of the target population. This severely compromises the applicability of findings.

What? Methodological investigation into when and why external validity is a problem, and how such problems can be diagnosed and remedied.

Project | 03

Project 03 | Attrition in RCTs

Why? Attrition, or missing data on the outcome of interest, is quite common, and can severely compromise the reliability of experimental findings.

​What? Methodological investigation into when and why attrition is a problem, and how such problems can be diagnosed and remedied.

 Project | 04 

Project 04 | Research Practice

Why? The field of replication studies is a controversial, misunderstood, and unappreciated piñata of 18 replication typologies, spanning 79 replication types.

What? A formal theory of how scientific inferences are manufactured, and a typology of replications types, including how they are done and for what purpose.

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